Core Values

TaHa looks towards Islamic Leadership as the foundation for our values.

The ideal Islamic leader is humble, capable of vision and inspiration, yet at the same time dedicated to the service of his people. This ideal leadership has the attributes such as courage, integrity, practical wisdom, moral authority and humility. Based on this, TaHa's core values are:

  • Fathonah
    Smart and wise – to build a leadership culture that has the wisdom to lead, coach and mentor with fairness and to be just.
  • Siddiq
    To perform our duties with integrity and honesty ensuring the sanctity of trust (Amanah) is always upheld.
  • Tabligh
    To share and to embody the spirit of Ukhwah (brotherhood) which includes serving the greater good with wisdom and compassion.
  • Ummah Centric
    To be pro-active and to stretch ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones in order to provide outstanding service that value adds and ensures the Ummah's total peace of mind on their journey towards performing and fulfilling their Umrah and Hajj.
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